How would you feel if you were suddenly in charge of an entire company?

You have the responsibility for hundreds of employees. You have the responsibility to survive with this company in the market. You are responsible for the further development of the company. You have the team of your closest managers (your so-called “direct reports”). But they also want to be led.

Are you proud? Are you afraid to fail? Are you unsure whether your way, your strategy is the right one?

These or similar situations put companies in an imbalance. Read in this article how coaching helps in this case to restore productivity and efficiency.

No understanding at the management level
“Frank, I don’t know what else to do. I feel like my managers don’t have my back and don’t understand me. Whole areas of the company are getting out of hand”, that was Heiko’s statement in our get-to-know-you conversation. Heiko, who is in exactly the situation mentioned above. (The name “Heiko” has been changed, of course).

If you have a standard solution for a statement like that, bring it on. I don’t. And that’s exactly what I told Heiko.

Insecurity cannot be hidden
“It’s hard to have to admit to yourself after about 30 minutes that your own insecurity has spread like a veil over the entire company.”

Heiko tries to set the best example every day. He explains his vision and strategy convincingly. At least on the outside. But unconsciously his doubts or his insecurity resonate. And that is exactly what is perceived. Throughout the company. Unconsciously, almost subtly. From Heiko to his managers to the employees. Over years. The company becomes a slave to uncertainty. Productivity and efficiency decline.

Even a boss is allowed to show weakness
“After all, I have to set a good example and have the plan.”
Yes Heiko, but don’t fool yourself and especially your managers.

What’s wrong with admitting that you don’t have a plan. Or that the strategy is a well-considered attempt to develop the company. But just an attempt. With no guarantee of success. That is honest. That is authentic. Your closest employees can deal with that. Even better, they can help you. In exchange. In transparent communication.

Find out the needs of your closest colleagues
Heiko had a tough job ahead of him. He has four employees who report to him. Each a strong personality. A strong individual. Heiko was in contact with each of them. Heiko now knows what each of his trusted employees needs, feels and thinks about his tasks.

Don’t let your TOP management work for you but with you
Immediately after our meeting, Heiko changed the way his management team works. He communicates more clearly. He communicates in such a way that each of his four close employees understands what he wants. Where he wants to go. He lets people have their say. Gets opinions and talks about his insecurities.

What happened?
During our session together, Heiko realised the impact his overplayed insecurities had on the whole company. We used neuro-coaching to neutralise one of his limiting beliefs so that he is able to act and decide differently. With the help of specific constellation work, Heiko got an accurate picture of his closest employees. This helped him to adjust his management structures and ways of working.

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