Do you also ask yourself whether mentoring and coaching give anything at all for you and your team? It’s all unmeasurable stuff and pure luxury for your company, isn’t it?

I thought the same way six years ago.

A study by the ICF (=International Coaching Federation) looked at the effects of coaching / mentoring on the respective participants and came to the following conclusions.

Coaching improves productivity
70% improved work performance, 57% improved time management, 51% improved teamwork skills

Coaching makes people more self-confident and satisfied
80% Greater self-confidence, 72% Improved communication skills, 73% Improvement in relationships

Coaching balances business and personal life
67% Improved work-life balance

Let’s be honest.

Coaching is not a luxury but a necessity
Is it really a “luxury” or a necessity if you can significantly improve work performance, time management and teamwork skills on the one hand, and increase your employees’ self-confidence, improve communication and create a healthy work-life blending on the other?

I know it’s hard to grasp how the whole thing is supposed to work.
In the last 2 years, I have been able to accompany many participants in my mentoring programmes and experience the emergence of precisely these effects. To give you a concrete picture of how mentoring and coaching can make you more efficient, I have an idea.

I will show you what really happens
In the next four posts, I will describe concrete examples from my professional practice. You will clearly see from the real examples how it is possible to really put the horsepower on the road, become more efficient and have fun at the same time.
Until then, I invite you to browse through my new homepage.

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Greets Frank

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